As the parent of an ASD child, I am acutely tuned into how my son perceives his environment. The little things that we don't even notice can throw him off. I loved WCATS from the moment I walked in the door because I could see right away that DJ is comfortable, relaxed and happy there.

There just something about the vibe that John and Nancy have created that is truly special. The therapists get the kids engaged and never get rattled - no matter what the situation - they roll with it.

WCATS is a warm and nurturing place that enables DJ to flourish and really be at his best. And when he's relaxed, I'm relaxed.
- A.W.


Volunteers & Training

Volunteers play a very important role in helping our clients change and grow. We welcome volunteers who have the willingness and dedication to help those who face many challenges. Talent in art and music are not necessary – only the desire to be involved in working closely with our clients and therapists on a consistent basis. Volunteers are given the opportunity to work with the same clients each week so that relationships can be formed and growth can take place.

Limited internships are available for college and graduate school students who are studying music or art therapy. Interns are given the opportunity to initially observe sessions and gradually take on a more active role in the therapeutic process.

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